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This is a conversation on design and digital stuff; it’s about how we spend our days creating it and our nights trying our best to read books instead of using it. It’s about the products we love and the things we don’t love as much. But more importantly - it’s about sharing the wisdom we gain along the way.

We have been shipping products, features, and design for some time now. And this is our space to brag about our failures and humble brag about our successes.

Please join us on this bumpy ride of click baits and product stuff - we might learn something - so join the conversation.

ALWAYS BE SHIPPING is best read by:

  • Messy designers

  • Busy Business thinkers

  • Product people in general

  • And maybe you

Gunnar Carlén & Alexander Forsén

We just realized this is the worst SEO copy ever written, so we’re just adding a few tags here so that Google might make sense of this as well. 😂

UX, UI, CX, product design, product development, product owner, and growth hacking

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